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Summer BBQ Frenzy: Dreamfarm Barbecue Clongs

Dreamfarm Clongs OnWhite Charcoal 15Inch 41
Dreamfarm Clongs OnWhite Charcoal 15Inch 41

Having the right tongs can make all the difference to a good BBQ.

The 15″ Barbecue Clongs are perfect for cooking anything on the grill. These Clongs have a handy in-built sausage-string cutter, with the tips specially designed to be able to scrape the tray and pick up the smallest pieces of food, like onions and mushrooms.

The handle is spring loaded, so the 15″ Barbecue Clongs can easily grip a steak or a large cut of meat, while being long enough to protect your hand from the hot grill.

Just like the original Clongs, the 15″ Barbecue Clongs open and lock closed with just the click of a button, so you can use them with one hand and keep the other free. They also have a unique bend in the handle that lifts the tips away from the bench top, keeping your cooking surface clean and your food hygienic.£19.95 from www.dreamfarm.com.


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