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BoomCo Twisted Spinner review

boomco twisted spinner
boomco twisted spinner

Up until now, if you wanted some good old shooting fun for the kids, Nerf was pretty much your only option. But it now has a rival in BoomCo, but is it any good?

The Twisted Spinner Blaster sports slam-fire action and fires up to 21 metres. It also has a rotating barrel that spins 310 degrees with every dart you fire, so you can launch eight darts in rapid succession. The Twisted Spinner also features a push-button transforming shield with Smart Stick technology to protect you and allow you to capture your opponents’ darts to use yourself and fire back.

All blasters are air-powered (no batteries required!) and include a Smart Stick target and darts, available in a range of cool colours and patterns.

In use the gun is quite potent and goes quite some distance and considering it uses no batteries that is even more surprising.

The rate of fire is down to how fast the trigger is pulled, which also creates the air pressure to fire the dart as you pull it back.

The darts themselves aremade of a soft but durable plastic with a rubber tip whereas Nerf darts are foam and after a while start falling apart. They seem far sturdier and should last longer.

The only drawback is that the weapon only comes with eight darts max. We’d have like to have more come as standard.

The blaster is available from Amazon for £18.