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Tech 21 Impact Tactical case for Samsung Galaxy S5 review


With the Samsung Galaxy S5 out it makes a lot of sense to protect this smartphone against knocks and drops. The Tech21 Impact Tactical is a slim case that protects the backs, sides and corners of your Samsung phone

The gaps at the top, bottom and the back alongside embedded buttons for the standby and volume controls.The case weighs 35g and at 11mm thick, the case adds thickness to the phone but doesn’t bulk out the Android handset.The matte black casing gives it a good feel in the hand and maintains the slimness of the phone itself.

The case is quick and easy to remove if necessary and hides the D3O impact absorption material.

Overall, a decent case if you need to protect your smartphone. For more info on these cases visit http://www.tech21.com. We found the case for around £15.46 on Amazon.

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