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Time Warner Cable refuses HDTV Antenna advert


Time Warner Cable has refused to air a planned advertising campaign on channels in Columbus, OH and Kansas City because the commercial states that viewers “do not need cable”. The 30-second spot was an ad for the Air Mohu Leaf HDTV Antenna.

The planned coverage states that customers do not need an “expensive cable service to watch HD programs” and that “most top-rated shows are broadcast free, over the air in full high definition”.

“We are still excited about running a commercial to let people know about the Leaf and how you can receive full, uncompressed HD over the air now,” said Dr. Mark Buff, president of Mohu.

“The top-20 rated shows on television are available free with no monthly bills. Of course we wanted to run the commercial on cable just like DirectTV or other satellite companies run their ads. And we thought we should have the right to.”

The thin Leaf antenna was invented by Greenwave Scientific engineers last spring in Raleigh, North Carolina – after years of designing and developing special purpose antennas for the US military.

The Leaf costs $44.99 will hit stores in the US and Canada in time for the 2011 holidays.

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