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Rise of the (60-year-old) robot

robot george
robot george

At the office, whenever we think of robots we think of Arnold Schwarzenegger. but another sexagenarian robot has just been donated to the National Museum of Computing after decades of hibernation.

George the Robot is the creation of Tony Sale, a former RAF officer and Colossus computer rebuild team leader. He originally built the robot from scraps of metal from a bomber plane (and thankfully not a mimetic polyalloy that can form into the shapr of anything or anyone).

The robot is six foot tall and light sensitive cells in his eyes allow him to home on light sources.

He can also walk, turn his head, move his arm and sit down thanks to a power source of two motorcycle batteries.

As computers weren’t good enough at the time to improve his function, he was left to gather dust in Sales garage until old Pathe footage of the robot appeared on Wallace and Gromit’s World of Invention.

The robot is now resides at the National Museum of Computing in Bletchley Park. The terminator is still Governor of California.