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Sky 3D only attracts 200 users

Sky3d logo TV small
Sky3d logo TV small

Sky3d_logo_TV_smallIf you thought Blu-ray was having a tough time breaking into the home entertainment market, then spare a thought for 3D. The recently revived technology is touted as the next big thing but if the uptake of Sky’s dedicated 3D service is anything to go by, it’s got a long way to go.

A source close to the satellite broadcaster told Absolute Gadget that the current subscriber list is “only around 200 users in the UK” because “hardly anyone owns a 3D TV.”

The number is especially surprising because the service is free to many subscribers: “Sky World HD customers with a 3D TV can watch Sky 3D at no additional cost,” offers Sky’s website.

Whether that figure includes the number of public houses fitted with Sky 3D was unclear.

The low uptake won’t make pleasant reading for an industry keen to harness the extra revenue from premium services, or those manufacturers hoping to sell expensive 3D kit to consumers who may have only recently gone HD.

Virgin was the first to launch commercial 3D services in the UK, offering 3D film downloads just a few days before Sky 3D officially launched.