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Tell Media Center where to go

Amulet Devices Voice Remote Windows Media Center
Amulet Devices Voice Remote Windows Media Center

Amulet_Devices_Voice_Remote_Windows_Media_CenterForget not being able to find the remote, Amulet Devices has an innovative solution to the problem – use your voice. The product works with Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Windows Vista Media Center systems and controls them using simple voice commands.

The young Irish-based company previewed the remote control at CES 2010 and the product is now shipping to retailers.

“With the recent proliferation of digital entertainment, navigating large volumes of content is cumbersome,” said an official statement from the company.

“Voice control enhances the Media Center user interface experience, providing an intuitive, efficient means to search and control your music, movies, photos and TV.”

The Amulet Voice Remote also operates as a standard infra-red Media Center remote and includes full IR learning capabilities to allow users to control up to four additional audio visual devices.
The Amulet Voice Remote retails for $259 (around £168) and is available now in the US from the company’s website or resellers. A European release will follow early in the 4th quarter of 2010.