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Battery Boost is well read

Technocel Sprint Battery Boost
Technocel Sprint Battery Boost

Technocel_Sprint_Battery_BoostWe’re always glad to see the merging of technology, saving precious space in our luggage when we fly off on all those high-level business trips (translation: EasyJet to Magaluf). So Technocel‘s new phone charger that bundles a micro SD Card reader is welcome in our bag.

The Technocel Sprint Battery Boost “delivers convenient charging and media storage” with its retractable USB and portable keychain design.

Features include:
* Built-in 600 mAh lithium ion battery, for recharging a mobile or USB device for up to one hour of additional talk time
* Automatic charge – When placed within a USB port such, it will automatically charge its internal battery.
* Dual charge – charge a battery and your handset at the same time
* Micro SD card reader – store and transfer data files
* Built-in Carabineer Clip – clip it on your belt loop, purse, keys, backpack or anywhere else
* Internal battery status indicator – see how much juice you have remaining with a low to high battery charge indicator

Technocel’s Sprint Battery Boost is available for $29.99 MSRP (£19 RRP) at Sprint Stores in the US.