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LG to launch 3D TV in May

lg ld950 3d tv
lg ld950 3d tv

Korean electronics giant LG will be launching its new range of “passive” 3D televisions in May. The launch marks the entrance of mass-market 3D sets in the UK.

The LD950 is a full 1080p 47-inch widescreen television that comes with intelligent sensors to adjust the brightness, TruMotion 200Hz, media playback via USB, and four HDMI 1.4 ports. It is also ultra-slim (just over 3cm deep). It also comes with built-in Freeview HD.

As it is a passive 3D television, you only need those red and green glasses (LG provides four sets) and not the more expensive polarised version (which can set you back around £100). Of course, critics say this tech of passive technology isn’t as 3D as the polarising version.

“There has been overwhelming consumer interest and excitement in 3D TV since the beginning of the year and we want to respond to that demand as best as possible,” said LG Home Entertainment head of marketing Stephen Gater.


“With these two new 3D TV models, we are bringing an even better 3D offer to market this spring and hope to provide even more consumers with the excitement and thrill of the 3D cinematic experience into the comfort of their living rooms.”

The telly is expected to be compatible with Sky 3D and Virgin 3D when those TV services see the light of day. While LG hasn’t given details of pricing, the sets are expected to fetch around the £1,500 to £2,000 mark, which is considerably cheaper than the “active” sets which cost north of two grand.