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Review: Fellowes PS79CI Cross Cut Shredder


Shredders are nothing new but can be very helpful if you need to get rid of confidential information in a hurry. This shredder from Fellowes should make sure that nothing can be retrieved from those sensitive documents you wish never existed.

If you are in a hurry to shred important documents you can sometimes forget that a shredder can be very dangerous to fingers, so Fellowes with its new cross-cut shredder features a Safe Sense technology that cuts off when it senses fingers getting near the blades.

It also features a patent-pending 100% Jam Proof System detects the thickness of the paper entering the shredder and establishes whether too much has been inserted. It then automatically stops and reverses out the paper. If it thinks you are trying to put in too much it will refuse to start. However, you do need to oil it regularly (every time you empty the bin is probably best). Having tried, it won’t jam no matter how you try to abuse it and it can shred up to 12 sheets of paper at a time.

Also shreds staples, credit cards, paper clips and CDs. It also features a confetti cut, so if you are holding a cut-price credit crunch wedding then sprinkling the bride and groom with secret documents may prove to be a novel way of hiding possible corporate fraud.

The shredder also has a 23 litre capacity bin that means that you don’t have to empty too regularly (although you may want to if the fuzz are about to visit!)

At £175 (from Amazon), this is possibly the best shredder you’ll ever buy.