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CES 2010: PassivSystems puts your energy use online

PassivEnergy PassivSystems logo
PassivEnergy PassivSystems logo

PassivEnergy_PassivSystems_logoFancy cutting your household bills by learning how you live and only using energy when it is needed? What do you mean, no! Well, everyone who doesn’t want to see their planet under a bit more water than usual should check out the home energy management from PassivSystems.

“PassivEnergy connects via sensors to your heating, hot water and electrical appliances, and monitors activity via an individual online account,” said a PassivSystems statement.

“By learning about your regular movements, the intelligent control system will then ensure that you make the most efficient use of energy possible, only using services such as hot water when you need them.”

PassivSystems said that the service is designed to make the most efficient use of energy throughout the home without making any extra work for the user.

The brand new British company was chosen by UK Trade & Investment to be one of 10 winners to exhibit at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas. Its PassivEnergy system is set to be available from March 2010.

Colin Calder, CEO of PassivSystems, said everyone wants lower energy costs but few people have enough time in the day to become their home’s energy manager.

“Simply giving people more information about energy consumption is not a solution,’ Calder said.

“By incorporating our technology into their existing home setup, consumers can dramatically reduce energy waste and cut their household bills at the same time, all with minimal effort on their part.”