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Motorola Droid wheeled out in UK


If you want Motorola’s new Android-based mobile phone, the Milestone (you thought we were talking about the Dext), then you’d better head off in the direction of the Expansys website. They have their mitts of exclusivity on them.

The Milestone, formerly known as the Droid, will retail for £450 unsubsidised and SIM unlocked so you can go on any network. Expansys can sell the phone by itself until the end of the year, when others can then get their dibbs on them.

The phone has recieved some very positive reviews. It has 3.7-inch capacitive touchscreen, a 1GHz ARM-based processor, a proper slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard, a 5-megapixel camera with LED Flash, WiFi and GPS. The phone features the new Android 2.0 mobile OS.

IT also sports 8GB of onboard memory and an extra 32GB can be added. Motorola is also talking up the phone’s photo and video capabilities, reckoning it can make both these formats look really great.

Should you want a contract, Expansys is offering a T-Mobile Combi 30 contract for £35 per month, you just pay an extra £50 for the phone.

The phone has been doing well in the US where it has shifted 800,000 units. Motorola defended its decision to keep sales exclusive to one online retailer.

“The device has received a great deal of interest from customers and consumers around the world,” said Motorola in a statement.

“The Milestone is designed to set a new standard in smart phones, with superior speed, power and features. This is a phone for consumers who are excited by the latest technology, and are willing to try advanced handsets and new mobile applications, particularly those that help them manage their fast-paced lives.”


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