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Better sleeping through spinny lights

lightsleeper packshot2
lightsleeper packshot2

According to The Research, some 64% of Britons have a bad night’s sleep once a week, and one in five suffer from full-on insomnia. Since we are a gadget website, the more alert among you (no-one from the survey, then) will have no doubt guessed that a nice new gadget has been whipped up to combat this problem.

The LightSleeper is the work of Quincom. It was thunked up by Quincom’s design manager, Kate Evans, while she was a student suffering from insomnia.

“I had terrible problems sleeping,” explains Evans. “My final year project was to design a solution to a problem suffered within a 24 hour society. I naturally chose to look into sleeping habits. I learned that the way the eyes track a book when reading can be soothing but that reading itself stimulates the mind. I then looked for a solution that made use of the relaxing eye movement that reading induces, but without the mind whirring.”

The LightSleeper projects a light onto your ceiling that moves in a controlled, circular motion – you guessed it, it’s like reading a book, except without the actual reading a book. It turns off automatically, though you can give it a tap to keep it going.