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Samsung joins TV-DVD combo market

Samsung LCD470 22 EU L45
Samsung LCD470 22 EU L45


Samsung Electronics has launched its first TV-DVD Combo in the UK. “The LE22B470 LCD TV is the perfect solution for stressed parents struggling to decide between a TV and a DVD player for their kids this Christmas,” the company says. Although AG would caution any parent against only buying them a DVD player and no TV to watch it on… 

The 22-inch LCD flat screen includes an inbuilt Samsung DVD player and Freeview access.

Available now, the TV-DVD Combo is stocked at major retailers including Curry’s, John Lewis, Comet, Amazon and Play, as well as independent retailers across the UK.

Amazon sells the combi TV for £325.51, although the LambdaTek website has it retailing at just under £288 (awaiting more stock).




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