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Channel 4 goes 3D

3d glasses
3d glasses

3d_glassesIf you thought that you only needed 3D specs to watch the latest blockbuster movies this summer, then think again as Channel 4 is showing a raft of 3D programmes this autumn.

The broadcaster will be showing programmes such as “Derren Brown’s 3D Magic Spectacular” as well as a new twist on the traditional Channel 4 clips show called “The Greatest Ever 3D Moments”.

And if that is not enough to tempt you, there is also a chance to watch the Queen’s Coronation in colour and in 3D (we personally can’t wait for the crown to appear to fly out of the screen or for Godzilla to smash through Westminster Abbey).

In order to enjoy such dubious delights, the channel has teamed up with Sainsbury’s to punt the 3D glasses to customers. The ColourCode glasses are a lot cheaper than the ones that Sky will use for its 3D broadcasts or indeed the ones developed by nVidia for is breathtaking 3D graphics card offerings. That said, if you don’t buy the glasses the screen will look reasonably normal, except for deliberate shots of things being thrown towards the screen.

Virgin 1 is also out of the stable with 3D by showing an episode of Chuck 3D tonight.