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A guide to online casino etiquette

lecroupier online casino
lecroupier online casino

lecroupier-online-casinoFor many people, walking into a casino is synonymous with entering a suave world of glitz and glamour. But casinos can also be intimidating and mysterious: each game seems to have certain rituals, rules and jargon. Every casino also has its own unique approach to etiquette and online casinos are no exception. Fortunately, LeCroupier.com, “the world’s first truly 3D online casino”, has some tips to help you navigate that etiquette minefield whenever you’re gambling online…

1) Understand the game
You should already have a basic understanding of any game before you start playing – so don’t keep other players waiting while you consult strategy guides. And be prepared – online games often move faster than their real-life counterparts. Some casinos will even impose time-limits on players turns or suspend any players who are suspected of deliberately slowing the game down. If you’re not confident about playing against real people straight away, why not take your time, and practice against the dealer?

2) Don’t bet more than you can afford
Gambling is meant to be fun, but quickly loses its sparkle if you run out of money. Stick to a limit that you can realistically afford. Set a loss limit and leave immediately when you hit it. Conversely, establish reasonable expectations for how much you want to win (25 per cent of your bankroll is normally a reasonable target) and take the money and run when you’re up

3) Loose talk costs lives
There’s nothing wrong in being friendly with other players, but remember that they are there to gamble – not to gossip. Even small talk can become extremely irritating to other players who are trying to concentrate. Plus, if you want to win big, you need to focus on your own game. Generally, you should also not discuss a hand in progress, mention anything not related to the game or use vulgar language

4) Don’t be a bad loser
Taking your anger out on your fellow players, your computer or the household objects around you won’t achieve anything. If things aren’t going your way – be polite! James Bond didn’t win by getting stroppy did he? Stay positive and take things in your stride

5) Don’t be a bad winner
There’s nothing worse than a bad loser – except a bad winner! If you’re having a lucky streak, no one expects you to keep silent about it, but don’t gloat too much. Giving unwanted tips to other players, or criticising their tactics, is also frowned upon – especially if they are not doing so well

“No one wants to play with someone who seems angry, or with an aggressive playing style,” commented Jon Strock, chief operating officer at LeCroupier.com.

“By following these simple guidelines when playing online, you will not only enjoy yourself more, but set an example to your fellow players. Casinos have a long history of having a high level of etiquette, and online casinos should be no exception.”