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Review: Casino advisor


Maybe you can’t afford to hit the tables at Monte Carlo, so why not sit back, turn on the computer and play online.

But which online casino is worth the trouble of buying some virtual
chips and having a flutter? A new website by the name of Casino Advisor
aims to take the mystique out of online gambling.

While roulette and poker are pretty self-explanatory, the main thrust
of the site is targeted at how US gamblers can get their fix, without
breaking the law.

The site lists various casino deposit methods that can be used in order to start playing. There is also guides to the different ways to use credit and charge cards with an Amex casino guide to help you understand the rules of engagement with these cards. Here, on can read up on full Amex casino details and info should one feel the need.

The site gives comprehensive reviews of the different methods employed
to start gambling online. It even scores the different methods on ease
of use, promtness, availablility to US players, multiple currencies
and, possibly most important of all, security.

Should gamblers feel the need to check out the sites, they’d do worse than give these guys a look in first.