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Harman Kardon MS 100 sounds intriguing

Harman Kardon MS 100 iPod dock CD player FM radio

Harman Kardon MS 100 iPod dock CD player FM radio“Today’s UK consumers want great audio systems that look as good as they sound,” says Mark Hockey, marketing manager at Harman Consumer UK. Absolute Gadget’s current favourite is the Zeppelin iPod dock from Bowers & Wilkins, but Harman Kardon’s latest audio system could be about to challenge that…

Hockey says the powerful sounds of this high-quality system are perfect for playing music from your iPod, a CD or the radio.

The device is finished with a black high-gloss coating and a matte-black front grill, combining “a classic look with a two-way stereo speaker system and built-in amplification to produce clear, rich and detailed sound”.

“The MS 100 will complement any room, be it in the home or the office, with its sleek, sculptured and minimalist look,” Hockey adds.

Once docked, users can control an iPod remotely and the MS 100 can also be connected to a TV to view photos and video. 

Meanwhile, radio tuning automatically illuminates the station name, artist and song title on a front display panel so you always know who you are listening to.

The Harman Kardon MS 100 includes:
* CD player
* FM Radio
* iPod dock, with charging ability
* Ability to plug in virtually any audio device, including MP3 players
* Clock with alarm
* Memory backup
* Headphones connection.

The Harman Kardon MS 100 will be available from this summer.



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