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Sony stumps up 3-year TV warranties

sony bravia w4500
sony bravia w4500

A Sony Bravia TV yesterdayThe last thing you want in the current climate is to buy an expensive bit of kit that will need replacing in a year’s time. And Sony is so confident you should be buying its LCD tellies, it’s trebling the guarantee on it Bravias.

Sony UK is pleased to announce a 3-year guarantee offer on Bravia LCD Televisions 26-inch and above from 1 April 2009, providing consumers with yet another reason to choose Sony,” a suit told us.

The offer will run for an initial period until the 30 September 2009, so if you buy one before then it’ll have the 3-year guarantee.

Andy Benson, commercial director at Sony United Kingdom, said that Piece of mind was a key purchase consideration, especially in the current economic market.

“At Sony we are extremely proud of our brand and continue to work at offering our business partners and consumers more and more compelling reasons to choose Sony,” he said.

“This new offer is a very strong message to demonstrate the reliability and longevity of Bravia LCD Televisions.”

The new offer will be communicated nationally as part of Sony’s new ‘Bravia drome’ advertising campaign.

The campaign kicks off with “another groundbreaking television commercial featuring AC Milan’s Kaka”, first airing in the UK on 6 April 2009.

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Bravia products eligible for the 3 Year Guarantee Repair Protection Plan include: 
KDL26E4000U, KDL26E4020U, KDL26E4030U, KDL26E4050U, KDL26L4000U, KDL26S4000U, KDL26S5500U, KDL26V4000U, KDL26V4500U
KDL32E4000U, KDL32E4020U, KDL32E4030U, KDL32E4050U, KDL32E5500U, KDL32E5510U, KDL32E5520U, KDL32L4000U, KDL32S4000U, KDL32S5500U, KDL32U4000U, KDL32V4000U, KDL32V4200U, KDL32V4210U, KDL32V4500U, KDL32V5500U, KDL32W4000U, KDL32W5500U, KDL32W5710U
KDL37U4000U, KDL37V4000U, KDL37V4500U, KDL37V5500, KDL37S5500U, KDL37W5500U, KDL37W5710U
KDL40E4000U, KDL40E4020U, KDL40E4030U, KDL40E4050U, KDL40E5500U, KDL40E5510U KDL40E5520U, KDL40EX1BU, 
KDL40L4000U, KDL40S4000U, KDL40S5500U, KDL40V4000U, KDL40V5500U, KDL40WE5BU, KDL40WE5WU, KDL40W4000U, KDL40W4500U, KDL40W4710AEP, KDL40W5500U, KDL40W5710U, KDL40Z4500U, KDL40ZX1U, KDL40W4720AEP, KDL40W4730AEP, KDL40X3000U, KDL40X3500AEP, KDL40X3500U
KDL46EX1BU, KDL46V4000U, KDL46V5500U, KDL46WE5WU, KDL46WE5BU, KDL46W4000U, KDL46W4500U, KDL46W4710AEP, KDL46W5500U, KDL46W5710U, KDL46X4500U, KDL46Z4500U, KDL46X3000U, KDL46X3500AEP, KDL46X3500U
KDL52EX1BU, KDL52V4000U, KDL52V5500U, KDL52W4000U, KDL52W4500U, KDL52W5500U, KDL52Z4500U, KDL52X3500U
KDL26E4000U, KDL26E4020U, KDL26E4030U, KDL26E4050U, KDL26L4000U, KDL26S4000U, KDL26S5500U, KDL26V4000U, KDL26V4500U