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Vodafone to offer DRM-free tracks

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Vodafone logoAll the cool kids are doing it, and now Vodafone has confirmed that its going to start rolling out DRM-free tracks.

The company says most of the music it offers will be free of digital rights management by the summer, having signed deals with EMI, Universal and Sony to offer the songs without controls. 

They don’t have an agreement with Warner yet, but are working on it.  Even without Warner, that’s over a million songs to choose from.

Vodafone added that anyone who’s already bought copyright-protected tracks from its three launch partners will be able to swap them for DRM-free MP3s when the service starts.

The UK, Italy, Spain, Germany and New Zealand will all be offering the tracks by the summer, with other territories joining in later.

UK residents can expect to buy a song for £1 or an album for £6, with discounts for those who buy more than 15 tracks at once.

In December Vodafone added the last.fm app to selected Nokia phones, allowing users to access the social music website.