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Sky cuts the price of HD

sky hd
sky hd

We think that Freesat may be giving Sky food for thought as the price of a Sky+ HD box has been slashed from £150 to just £49.

price cut is effective immediately and according to the results report,
the sattellite company said that HD is a "significant opportunity".
Around seven million homes already have HD-ready televisions and there
are a number of HD games consoles too.

"We are seeing a dramatic shift in awareness of HD and more and more
people are starting to regard HD quality video as standard," the
company said. "We have been positioning our business to take advantage
of this long-term trend and have assembled the best HD service in the
UK by far. At the heart of this is an outstanding range of content from
high quality brands."

Its HD sales numbered 188,000 in the last quarter of 2008, increasing the number of Sky+HD households in the UK to 779,000.

The service carries 31 dedicated HD channels with packages starting from £27 per month. Freesat remains, err, free.

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