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Blu-ray sales rocket

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blu-ray-logo.jpgWe may not
be able to afford to eat any more, but apparently nice shiny movies
are more important than ever. Figures have shown that Blu-ray sales
shot up in December.

The stats
were provided by the British Video Association (BVA), who says that
the hi-def format shifted 1.5 million titles last month – a
whopping 400 per cent increase on December 2007. Heading the pack was, to
no-one’s surprise, The Dark Knight (especially
unsurprised was your humble writer, who discovered after several
hours last Friday that the whole of Guildford was out of stock),
which sold 281,000 copies in its first three weeks on sale. The
super-cheap players offered by Argos probably helped matters.

But to put
this in a little perspective, around 3.7 million Blu-rays were sold
last year in the U.K., compared to 253 million DVDs in December alone
– the format’s still got a fair bit of catching up to

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