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Argos selling sub-100 pounds Blu-ray player

bush bd01
bush bd01

If you are still considering the leap from standard definition to high
definition and didn’t want to shell out hundred, if not thousands, of
pounds on a Blu-ray player then you might want to head down to Argos
and pick up a Bush player and get change out of one hundred pounds.

The Bush BD01 player is available from the high street store for £97.86. This is down from its original £146.80.

Of course, at this price you are not going to get the top of the range
features. It is profile 1.1 so no BD-Live features and no Ethernet port
either. But it will play a variety of formats and can even upscale DVDs
to high-def and has an HDMI socket at the back.

Link: Argos