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Half of people using mp3 players could go deaf, I said deaf!


06ipodfamily.jpgIn case Mrs. gadget wonders why we never hear her when she wants the
washing up done is probably down to us listening to our iPod on full
volume. Needless to say we are putting ourselves at risk of deafness by
listening too loud to mp3 players according to a new survey.

The study, carried out by the Royal National Institute for the Deaf
found that nearly 70 per cent of people risked hearing loss over
high sound levels.

The majority of users played music at more than 85db, which is about
the same level as busy city traffic. One person in the survey listened
to music at 118db, the level where the voice in their head are drown
out presumably.

This level is only 7db shy of the pain barrier. According the WHO (the
World Health Organisation – not the legendary British rock band who
coincidentally hold the world record for the loudest rock concert),
users should not listen to music that loud form more than 11 seconds a

Around 25 per cent of the participants listened to music at 100db,
around the level of a revving motorbike. Listening to loud music
batters your ear drum and the ringing noise in your ear afterwards is
the swansong of of the follicles in your ear dying.

The RNID recommended turning down the volume on your iPods and using sound-isolating earphones or just taking a break from listening to music every hour to give your ears a rest.