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iPod stereo strikes a retro cord

lasonic ipod ghetto blaster
lasonic ipod ghetto blaster

iPod stereo Lasonic AM FM radio USB SD MMC memory cardAs children of the Eighties, this chunky ghetto blaster stereo in Urban Outfitters couldn’t help catching our eye. And while we resisted from throwing down a lino and busting some extremely poor break dance moves, we did take a closer look.

As expected, there’s an AM/FM radio to channel some old-school power ballads through the large speakers.

But on closer inspection, that’s not a slot to put tapes in. It doesn’t even let you play CDs. Oh no. Instead, that gap’s there to slot your iPod in and bring this retro beast right up to date.

You can still view your iPod screen through the clear plastic display and there are retro-styled controls to skip tunes or switch functions.

Playback is also boosted by the addition of a USB port to handle tunes on a Flash memory stick drive and the same goes for the SD or MMC memory card slot.

If we had room for one in our suitcase, we’d gladly part with the $220 (around £150).