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Sony gets nano envy

sony eseries players
sony eseries players

Sony E Series media playersSony used to be a big player in the mobile music market. Will its latest media players have the same impact as the Walkman did all those years ago?

Probably not, but then that’s not really their point: these iccle players are here to have a bite at Apple’s iPod nano.

The E Series models, as they’re being dubbed, come in a range of different sizes:
* NWZ-E435  at 2GB
* NWZ-E436  at 4GB
* NWZ-E438 at 8GB.

All of the models feature 2-inch QVGA LCD screens and offer MP3, WMA and AAC playback, as well as a an integrated FM tuner.

Battery life depends on the quality your songs are stored at, with 48kbps files playing for more than 76 hours and 768kbps files depleting the player in just 4 hours.

The device is also very portable at 50g and just 8.5mm thick.

As these details have only been leaked onto the net so far, there’s no official pricing.