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Nokia touts quicker GPS for mobiles


Nokia N95Bored of waiting for the GPS in your mobile phone to tell you exactly where you are? Don't worry, Nokia's on the case. The mobile phone maker has created a GPS system that will pinpoint a phone user's position more quickly.

Nokia calls it the Assisted GPS (A-GPS) service and it works with the company's Maps application on Nokia phones with built in GPS.

"By decreasing the time wasted while you wait for a first fix, we are increasing the enjoyment that Nokia Maps provides," said Ralph Eric Kunz, Nokia's VP of multimedia experiences.

"Consumers now have the comfort of quick fix times which create a better navigation experience when using Nokia Maps."

The service works by shortening the "Time to first fix" (TTFF), as well as reducing fix times overall.

A-GPS is currently available as part of the free firmware update for Nokia N95 owners.

The only cost tacked on is your usual phone data rate for accessing the service.

Since Nokia plans to include GPS functions in all its future phones, improved services will be in high demand.