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iPhone in shops by 11 June…

apple iphone
apple iphone

Apple iPhone…if you're in America that is. Yes, US carrier Cingular has been tricked into releasing the date for the launch of Apple's iPhone in the States. We say tricked, but the journalist from News.com simply phoned the main number and was transferred to the sales department, who were happy to tell him iPhones would be available on June 11 2007.

The date coincides with the opening of Apple's Worldwide Developers' Conference, which starts in San Francisco on June 11 and runs until June 15.

Not everyone is bothered by the impending media frenzy over Apple's Next Big Thing, though.

Verizon Communications' CEO Dennis Strigl thinks it'll only be a niche product.

"If you're looking at a phone at a $400 or $500 price point, we know from our experience with PDAs that it's a very small market. It's a niche market," Strigl said.

Oh Dennis. Have you forgotten those people who said the iPod was just another MP3 player and wouldn’t sell?