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Nokia gets the love bug again


Nokia 7373If yours truly waited until a week after Valentines Day to start getting all lovey-dovey, we'd be more likely to get a frying pan round the skull. But Nokia has done just that by hooking up with designer Giambattista Valli a week after the festival of romance.


To be fair, there were an awful lot of mobile phone announcements last week, what with it being the 3GSM conference and all.


So we'll forgive Nokia for the late addition to its L'Amour Collection, especially as it announced the new handset during Paris Fashion Week.


"I was intrigued by the inspiration to define the mobile phone as a fashion accessory," explains Giambattista Valli.


"Like a dress, shoes and jewelry, the Nokia 7373 Special Edition phones follow the theme of my collection and I immediately imagined them as silhouettes dressed in my work."


Valli said depending on their mood, girls will swap bags and transfer the contents and it was amazing to see how Nokia had applied this concept to the world of mobility.


"Just swap SIM cards from one mobile phone to another to match your personal style," he added.


The Nokia 7373 Special Edition comes in two contemporary colors, both paired with signature Giambattista Valli phone accessories.


The Nokia 7373 Special Edition Powder Pink apparently "marries the faded luxury of grand architecture of the L'Amour Collection with Valli's iconic pearl necklace for a strap and a miniature pink skull".


According to Valli, the pink set is an interpretation of the contradictory elements of an intensive romance.


Meanwhile, the Nokia 7373 Special Edition Black Chrome "fuses its elegant glossy black appearance with an en vogue gros grain and onyx-like crystal strap".


According to Valli, the black skull adds the finishing touches to a sensually appealing display of fashion.


Each handset comes pre-loaded with a "backstage pass" – a behind-the-scenes video offering a glance into the life and inspiration of the designer.

The footage is complemented by a selection of matching Valli wallpapers, graphics and the exclusive "Rhodium" ringtone, available only on the Nokia 7373 Special Edition.


The estimated retail price is €280 (around £190) and it'll be strutting its stuff in March 2007.


Nokia first dipped its toe into the fashion market back in 1999 with the introduction of the Nokia 8210.