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Onto car review

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Screenshot 2023 01 16 at 13.45.36

There are lots of leasing companies to choose from when it comes to leasing a car, but the choices can be confusing. Onto aims to take away all that confusion.

Onto is a subscription service that makes it easy and accessible for drivers to transition to electric vehicles (EVs). The all-inclusive service has been popular with consumers for its four years, as it includes insurance, servicing and maintenance, breakdown coverage, and free charging at over 11,000 public charging stations through its partners. Onto has expanded quickly and offers a variety of 24 car models from 10 different brands to fit different budgets. Subscriptions start at £399 per month (for a Branded Fiat 500 – in London and South East Only) and there is no initial deposit required.

The registration process for Onto’s car subscription service is centred around the use of a smartphone. To register, users must upload their driver’s license, proof of address, and a selfie. Onto will conduct DVLA and affordability checks and requires drivers to be over 25 years old with a minimum of one year of driving experience and no more than 6 points on their license. Cars can be delivered anywhere within the UK mainland. The Onto app is used to access and control the car, and subscribers also receive a key. Users can check the car’s remaining miles, charge level, and add additional mileage or other options through the app. The subscription can be cancelled, or cars can be swapped on a flexible monthly basis through the ‘My Account’ section of the Onto app or website, or by contacting Onto via email or phone.

Onto subscription service has no upfront costs such as administration fees or deposits. The subscription cost includes comprehensive insurance, breakdown coverage, servicing and maintenance, public charging through Onto’s network partners, and a standard allowance of 750 miles per month. Onto also offers additional options, such as adding additional named drivers for £9.99 per month, or up to three for £14.99 per month. Additional mileage packages can also be added for an additional fee, depending on the car. Delivery and collection fees for the cars are £99.50 and are only charged at the start or end of the subscription. Swapping cars incurs a cost of £49.50 for both delivery and collection.

What sets Onto apart from its competitors is that it is a 100% electric car subscription service. The all-inclusive subscription, with no deposit required, allows for quick and easy registration. The flexibility of having a one-month commitment allows subscribers to switch cars monthly, giving them control over their vehicle choices. The all-inclusive subscription eliminates the need to organize separate insurance and breakdown coverage, saving time and hassle. Onto has recently partnered with Pod Point to offer discounted home charging options for customers in addition to the inclusive public charging options available at over 11,000 charging stations nationwide via partners such as Shell Recharge.

Onto stands out in the car subscription market by offering a wide range of electric cars to fit different budgets. The company’s commitment to 100% electric vehicles sets it apart from many competitors and aligns with the trend of sustainability and environmentally friendly choices. The all-inclusive subscription and innovative technology in the form of their app.