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Xiaomi launches a new generation of the electric scooter – Mi Electric Scooter 3


Xiaomi presented the third generation of its electric scooter – Mi Electric Scooter. We are unlikely to find a revolution, but there is room for a few improvements anyway.

Electric scooters are still extremely popular, despite the legal changes that have affected their owners.

Xiaomi has not changed the general design of this new generation of the Mi Electric Scooter excessively. The most relevant difference is the new colors that we will be able to choose when buying it: a black finish and a gray color that, a priori, will be less prone to getting dirty compared to the previous generation.

But not only does the color finish of the scooter change, but also the different details such as the rear brake caliper or even other parts such as the rubber of the charging connector, the rubber of the accelerator, etc. These have a blue finish in the black version and orange color in the gray finish.

In addition, another novelty is that this electric scooter adopts the front light that we have available in its brother, the Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, presenting an improvement in power level reaching 2 W, something that will help us have better visibility in low light conditions.

As for the rest of the design, we did not find any more differences. The rear fender support is still maintained in a metallic finish, with different reflectors distributed throughout the body and a small panel on the handlebar that will indicate different information regarding driving.

And we come to one of the great novelties of this third generation of the Mi Electric Scooter, and it is none other than the adoption of the 300W motor that Xiaomi had been incorporating in its scooters with the “Pro” tag. Thanks to this new motor we will be able to achieve a maximum power of 600W that will help us to be able to climb slopes of up to 16% incline without too much inconvenience.

Of course, its maximum speed remains at 25 km / h as well as its autonomy, which remains at 30 km, all managed with the now-classic driving modes that are: pedestrian mode (maximum of 5 km / h), D mode (maximum 20 km / h) and Sport mode (maximum 25 km / h).

Finally, another interesting novelty is the improvement of its rear disc braking system. The wheels that this vehicle mounts are still 8.5 “, but we will achieve a braking power superior to previous generations thanks to a new double pad system which, combined with the E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system, promises a wonderful experience.

Now the Chinese firm has not confirmed on what exact date we will be able to buy it through its official website.