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E-Trends Trekker E-Bike review

E-bikes are hot now, should you try one now?

E Trends Trekker Bike Lifestyle Outside house 300dpi 3348x2000 scaled
E Trends Trekker Bike Lifestyle Outside house 300dpi 3348x2000 scaled

In these days of avoiding public transport but not wanting to use a car to get into town, comes a new mode of personal transport, the E-bike. They are set to take off as the nation returns to the office and the E-Trends Trekker is one of those bikes

E-Trends is a UK-based company that has just introduced a third e-bike model into its range, the Trekker. It has a frame-integrated battery and a dipped top tube. It is impressively lightweight and sports a 250W motor, giving it’s a range of up to 30 miles.

Three pedal power-assist modes assist speeds up to 15.5mph and allow you to determine just how quickly you reach that top speed. Stop pedaling, and the motor disengages, giving you full control of your ride.

It also has tough 27.5-inch wheels with double-wall aluminum alloy rims give you the ability to tackle hills and rough terrain, which was great when we rode through Epping Forest. The Trekker features Yin-Ing disc brakes, seven Shimano Tourney derailleur gears, and Chaoyang Hornet mtb tires.

One major drawback we found was the power of the bike. The power boost isn’t there when you need it most when you initially start. You must pedal a lot before the power kicks in. Other bikes we have tried, deliver electric power as soon as you pedal.

Despite this, it is still a great ride and will deliver that extra power eventually. Overall, it is lightweight enough for normal commuting and can also be used in the dirt as well.

More here at E-Trekker.

Value for Money
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e-trends-trekker-e-bike-reviewCheaper than most other e-bikes but doesn't quite deliver the power when you need it most.