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Creative Outlier Air V2 headphones review

51oryT aAL. AC SL1500
51oryT aAL. AC SL1500

Many people now use wireless headphones to work out with, but getting sweaty can cause problems.

The all-new Creative Outlier Air V2-now upgraded with touch controls, built-in microphone with Qualcomm cVc 8.0 technology for improved call quality, and Super X-Fi® READY for the ultimate wire-free listening experience.

Outlier Air V2 will react intuitively to your tap commands so that you can manage your music and calls effortlessly instead of picking up your phone when it’s in your bag, pocket, or a few feet away.

The Outlier Air V2 boasts a total playtime of up to 34 hours, a 5.6 mm superior graphene-coated driver diaphragm, and Bluetooth® 5.0 with aptX and AAC audio codecs, so you can enjoy immersive audio all day long. It is also certified IPX5 water-resistant with a comfortable all-day fit that’s perfect for any urbanites with an active lifestyle!

First, I must point out that they are smaller in reality than they appear in photography. Metallic blue with the wide bright circle and triangular Creative silver logo, give a sporty effect and at the same time very hi-tech, indeed… star trek! Beautiful, I would say, and original compared to the black-oval standard. They are comfortable and the grommets do their job. Not having exceptionally large ears, I put the smaller cut that allows me the best grip and grip, with excellent bass yield, without giving the feeling of muffling and annoying compression on the eardrums. Great for playing sports, even outdoors, such as running, and more. Be careful because isolation, although passive, is a lot and this can pose safety risks on the street. Read, after several hours on you really do not feel and do not weigh. Bluetooth 5.0 connection stable, within a decent distance, then if there are walls or obstacles in the way clear jumping.

Calls: It seems to us that the microphone does its work well, never experienced problems by the interlocutor for calls under normal conditions. The CVC (software for the elimination of background noise for the interlocutor), introduced in this V2, has some effectiveness, certain whether it is called outdoors, in the street or shop, with screaming and loud shouting around, the quality is lost, as it happens, on the other hand, speaking from the microphone of the phone.

There are some disconnection problems if you activate or place the earbuds during the call already started. Overall, without excelling, the microphone allows you to make good calls in non-extreme situations.

The sound and battery performance are absolutely amazing, the best we have tried and fully recommended. Very well built and sits in the ear nicely, comfortable and for me easily can be used for an exceptionally long time. The range is also very good and the magnet in the well-made charging case is nice and strong and keeps the buds in place.

Creative Outlier Air V2 is attractively priced at £74.99 and is available at Creative.com.

For more information, visit creative.com/outlierairv2.