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Ring Door View Cam review

device cam doorview satin nickel 34L CS
device cam doorview satin nickel 34L CS

Ring has been storming the smart home security scene with an array of devices designed to keep your home safe. It’s latest is the Ring Door View Cam.

This can be easily installed in place of the existing, compatible peephole and does not require drilling or permanent modifications to your home or door.

Ring Door View Cam features motion detection, two-way talk, 1080p HD video, a removable, rechargeable battery, knock detection, privacy zones and night vision, making it perfect for any home with an existing, compatible peephole – especially flats and rentals. To install, simply remove the existing peephole, install the Door View Cam in its place on each side of the door, pop in the rechargeable battery and the removable cover, and you will have transformed your old peephole into a smart security camera.

Designed by the same team who initially reinvented the traditional doorbell, Door View Cam enhances the features of a peephole we all are familiar with to deliver affordable, effective home security. Taking the learnings from Ring’s original Ring Video Doorbell, Ring built Door View Cam from the ground up while taking into account the fact that people interact with doors and doorbells in a block of flats and rentals differently than they do at detached and semi-detached housing. The result is a one-of-a-kind security device that enables flat dwellers to easily add desired security features to their homes in a way they were not able to before.

When it arrived, it comes in a very nicely presented box with a Ring branded sleeve cover. Inside you get everything you need to set up and start working straight away.
After downloading the ring app on my phone and creating an account it took minutes to install into my existing peephole with no issues. The install was quick and easy anyone could do it no drilling or wiring unscrew push in and tighten on.

The motion detection and knocking feature has notified me instantly as expected so far with great notification responses and live view over WIFI or 4G on my phone. Battery life is what we expected, we get an extremely high number of notifications around 60 a day due to motion alerts where we live. But the battery over 6 days has lost around 26%. This we don’t think is bad considering we check every alert and live stream periodically through the day. Due to this reason we have purchased an extra battery to cover the times when this is charging, I’d estimate a full charge could last a month with a busy doorway easily.

The two-way talking is good, not amazingly clear but good enough, the quality of the camera is great and no complaints. I haven’t experienced any disastrous lag when someone visits, it seems immediate when they press the button.

The app itself is very intuitive, it’s easy to understand and to use, there are many settings to go through to enable you to set it to your requirements, be careful with the ribbon on the end of the cam when you put it through the peephole, as it’s quite fragile, we didn’t think that I’d need the spare ribbon that comes with the bell, but unfortunately, we did, fitting the spare one was fairly easy though, but again, be careful when handling it, we couldn’t see spare ribbons in the Ring Shop on their website, so we asked them about it and they said that if we ever needed another one, just to let them know and they would send me one.

We feel that the Ring Door View Cam is an excellent product, worth the money. and in our own opinion, Ring Customer Service is second to none