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VADES Gaming Mouse review

Buttons galore on this gaming mouse

71BS4YiNUUL. AC SL1500
71BS4YiNUUL. AC SL1500

Getting your game on means having a gaming mouse fit for purpose. The Vades Gaming Mouse hopes to be one to consider. Speedlink offers this reasonably-priced entry-level mouse with a gaming-optimised shape and advanced programmability.

It comes equipped with seven buttons, including DPI switch and rapid-fire button.

The sensor resolution offers four levels of adjustment so you can fine tune it to the game, plus you can deploy software interpolation to suit the on-screen action.

It also has frictionless glide pads to translate your reflexes accurately, and you can add colour to your desktop thanks to its LED lighting with four cool colour options.

It is very good in the hand, the ergonomics are really great, but it should be noted that we like large mice that you can comfortably hold in your hand without cramping in any way, but we can hold them really well and also afterwards our hand feels great for a long time.

The software that belongs to the mouse can be downloaded from the website, this is a bit “difficult” because it took us a few minutes to find it, but otherwise no problem.
With the software, it is easy to set DPI levels and macros. Likewise, the lighting.

There are four levels, which in our opinion is completely sufficient, because you know which of the 4 freely selectable DPI levels you are in. The only criticism here would be that you can only switch in one direction, so if you “missed” your desired level, you have to press three times because you can’t go back, but hey for the price, this mouse is ok, as it is absolutely top for this price. For £19.99 you are getting a bargain for what is on offer here.

More details can be found here.