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Five reasons why you should install a smart home security system


Smart home security has been continually developing for many years now. And, with the implementation of a new voluntary code of practice this year, the government are supporting manufacturers to boost the features and security these gadgets offer. Wasim Bux is from home insurance provider iGO4. Here, he discusses why he thinks having smart home security installed is so important.

We all like to feel house proud and once we’ve spent time and effort filling it with fittings, fixtures and valuables, it’s only natural to want to protect your investment. But, with statistics for October 2017-September 2018 showing that burglary figures reached 374,381 (UK Crime Stats), it’s clear that we should be investing in an extra layer of security to guard our houses.

While you might already take precautions to secure your homes with gates, fencing and multiple locks, a smart home system can be the most effective solution to keeping opportunistic burglars and thieves out. And, as the recorded data is delivered to your smartphone, you can benefit from greater peace of mind, as well as the potential for lower home insurance premiums. Here, I’ll be sharing the top reasons why I think we should all consider making this investment.

It can lower home insurance premiums

Your home is bound to be your pride and joy, but once it’s filled with all of your things, it can take some searching to find the right home insurance provider. However, it’s worth knowing that by installing smart home security systems, your insurer may recognise that you’re taking extra precautionary measures to secure your home and they may consider you a lower risk for break-ins.

But, be aware that your insurers may have a security clause in place that requires you to have an alarm system, so I’d recommend you check this in advance.

It records footage around your home

A smart home security system can be made up of a number of gadgets including smart doorbells, CCTV and locks. These typically include features such as cameras and microphones that can monitor who is at your door and around the perimeter of your property. The footage can act as solid evidence to police for incidents where these opportunistic burglars have succeeded.

Even if your extra security measures manage to deter thieves, having surveillance cameras and other recording devices in place may be able to point out possible vulnerable spots that may be targeted to get closer to your home. I’d advise pointing some of your cameras towards any sheds, garages and outhouses — this is particularly important if this is where you store valuable tools and equipment which could be used to break into your home with.

It delivers data to your smartphone

Not only can smart home security systems record what’s going on around your home, but this data can also be sent directly to your smartphone to give you greater peace of mind, no matter what your location. This ensures you can act quickly to ward off trespassers, whether that means turning on your porch lights to deter them from coming closer or sounding an alarm.

In some cases, you may not even need to have an internet connection to retrieve this information. This is because some smart devices use a combination of cloud and local processing. These locally-run gadgets store data on the smart hub which can still be read even when your internet is out.

It can connect with your other technology

To get the most out of your smart home security system, it’ll be a good idea to connect it with your other technology. Ensuring your home can react accordingly to the presence of trespassers is likely to give you the most effective results for keeping your family, home and possessions safe. For example, it’s possible to have your surveillance cameras or motion detectors to sound an alarm when they detect movement in a certain area.

It can increase the value of your home

While some of these gadgets may be costly to initially install, they are a one-off cost that will be paid upfront. And, with an increase in interest for these extra layers of security, there are plenty of affordable options entering the market. In turn, this has raised expectations of homes having these measures in place, with any that don’t, potentially being negotiated for lower prices.

Having additional protection around your home can also be appealing to potential buyers as it shows the home has been secured and may be considered as less of a target. These technological measures may even be expected in some certain areas, so be sure you pay attention to what your neighbours are doing to secure their own homes.

We put plenty of time, effort and love into our homes, so it’s key to protect them. Not only can a smart home security system deter burglars, but it can also lower your insurance and increase the value of your property. So, it’s well worth considering.