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Don’t overuse your mobile data

Take control and save money on your mobile data

moto g6 black na 1000
moto g6 black na 1000

Mobile data usage is at an all-time high and this is costing consumers more than needed. Overpaying and underpaying is where consumers lose out. Taking control and understanding your data usage will help save on your monthly plan. To understand money, consumers must understand how mobile data is used.

How you use your phone depends on the data you need. Mobile gamers and movies streamers will use a lot of data but understanding what your data can do for you is the first step. Below is an example from www.metrofone.co.uk on what 10GB data can do for you.

It’s apparent that streaming uses the most amount of data. By implementing a few tricks, you can help manage your data and retain your allowance for another day.

Turn of push notifications

Push notifications on are now more common than ever. You can turn these off in the app settings for any app. By controlling your push notifications whilst on the move you will save a huge amount of data.

Download, don’t stream

People who watch TV and stream movies and music use a lot of data. Most apps now allow you to download your content instead of streaming. Take the time to download so you don’t need to use your data on the move.

Login to WIFI

Most public places have free WIFI, taking the time to ask for the password will save a lot of data usage.

Setup data alerts

Setting up data alerts will let you know what data you have used. This will help you manage, limit and control your usage to ensure you don’t go over your limit.

Buying the right among of data

Getting the right data plan initially will save you in the long run, paying for too much is just as bad as not paying for enough. First asked, where do you use your phone.

Where do you fit in with the graphic below?

Then check how much you really use. You can do this by checking your device or your previous bills. The average purchased plan is 16GB of data, however, most people only use 4GB of data each month.

This is where overpaying or underpaying could cost you hundreds of pounds per year. Use our advice above to save on your monthly plan and optimise your mobile lifestyle.