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Meater+ wireless smart meat thermometer

This wireless smart thermometer should make cooking easier


This wireless smart thermometer should make cooking easier

Making sure that food is cooked properly is a serious business. If meat isn’t cooked through it won’t taste as good and could make you ill. The Meater+ Probe Wireless Thermometer makes sure your cooking is done to perfection and safe to eat.

The MEATER+ is a wireless dual sensor probe created that should help you cook your food to perfection. It works via an app by either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The latter is more complex, since it needs more hardware.

Design-wise, it is stainless steel with a ceramic handle and comes with a wooden box for storage. This box is magnetic, so can be stuck to any metal surface.

The battery has enough power so you can cook for 24 hours continuously between charges and the Probe’s AAA battery should last for 100 charges. It is the bamboo charger that gives the probe the additional range of up to 50m. There is a battery power level LED and button located on the front of the wooden holder.

The thermometer has two temperature sensors: one for inside the meat (which goes up to 100ºC) and one for outside (up to 275ºC). The MEATER+’s dual sensors continuously monitor internal and ambient temperatures concurrently.

It is the app that makes the difference here. It shows you elapsed cooking time and estimated time remaining until your meat is ready. It will send you a notification five minutes before it’s ready to take out of the oven.

The app can connect up to 4 probes at once and is compatible with iPhone and iPad apps for iOS 9.0 and later. Android app for versions 5.0 and later. It is also Alexa Skill Enabled: Just ask “Alexa, ask MEATER how long until my food is ready.”

The Meater+ thermometer can be bought from Amazon.