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Krups Evidence review

Bean to cup coffee machine promises a range of coffee-related beverages


Bean to cup coffee machines are nothing new, but still promise a great deal to those who want fresh coffee without the coffee shop prices. The Krups Evidence bean to cup machine promises a lot and mostly delivers on that promise.

The machine we had in for review came in black but there are also ones that come in a metallic finish, which cost extra.

That said, the one we are reviewing is still quality in build and comes with a two-year warranty. The Evidence measures 48cm x 38cm x 28.8cm.

Prior to making your first cup, you need to fill it with water at the back (which if you have it installed under kitchen cupboards can make it slightly inconvenient as you have to lift off the water tank at the back to fill it and put it back again). Coffee beans are poured in on the top (again, having this device under wall-mounted kitchen cupboards makes this slightly more difficult to do).

However, the user interface is dead simple to use. There are pre-sets for espresso, long coffees, macchiato, and cappuccino. Other options are in the “More” setting. There are 15 different one-touch recipes – 7 for black coffees, 5 for white coffees and 3 temperatures for teas (yes, some people buy a coffee machine and then make tea with it – weird). All recipes are customisable. In fact, so customisable, I have on occasion accidentally customised a recipe without knowing and was left wondering why the frothy milk setting dispensed two teaspoons of frothy milk instead of a cup full.

Like most devices nowadays, there is an app you can use to make coffee remotely, but as you would have to put a cup underneath the nozzle and collect a drink, this seems somewhat pointless.

There are two nozzles, so you can make two single espresso cups or one double espresso. The device also includes automatic descaling, rinsing and cleaning programmes, empty water dank detection system, programmable auto-on and off and removable water tank and drip tray.

The main reason to have a coffee machine is to make coffees and with the right bean, that quality is excellent. In the test, we use beans by Lavazza. The espresso dispense has a lovely crema on top.

Overall, the Evidence is an excellent bean to cup machine that is well built and looks great in the kitchen. The coffee quality is hard to beat and is very versatile.

This coffee machine can be bought via Amazon here.