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Blue Lola headphones review

Pricey but are they worth the money?

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71Q9VilVEqL. SL1500

Blue has a new set of headphones out and these should build on the success of the Mo-Fi headphones. But these are not really a successor to those cans of a reboot. Rather, the Blue Lola headphones are a refinement and concentration of them.

They come is a huge box for a set of headphones. Inside there’s a suede-like carry case, and two cables, a 1.2-metre Apple-compatible phone cable along with a 3-metre “straight” cable for home use.

However, they are a lot lighter than the Mo-Fi but similar in look and feel. The head cushion, ear cups and arms a testament to good design that puts it apart from the competition.

The articulated arms hold the ear cups parallel to the side of the head, evening out the pressure one would normally feel. With a big head, these did not ever feel like they would come off. The cups are very adjustable, moving up and down, tilting and twisting. The cups are deep and wide, meaning they never touched my ears or felt painful to wear. The cups do a great job of insulating the outside world

The headphones feature Blue’s fibre-reinforced 50mm drivers, and impedance is listed at 42 ohms. This means the sound can be loud on iOS devices, however the volume wouldn’t get as high on Android devices.

Even with the 50mm drivers in each ear cup, the low end on the Lola isn’t ludicrously powerful. But accuracy is the watchword, not power.

Listening to classical music the soprano and tenor parts came through loud and clear, with an outstanding accent on harmonies. However, the bass wasn’t as clear.

Overall, Lola is very similar to Blue’s Mo-Fi, only without the built-in amplifier and associated features. That said, it has the exact same high-quality sound that Mo-Fi has. The all-metal headband will survive in harsh environments. They are great for office, home but maybe not for commuting.

If you nearly bought a pair of Mo-Fi headphones but didn’t want the active modes, the Lola could be the flawless headphone for you.

Key Features
● Sealed enclosure  with tuned  damping materials
● 50mm, fibre-reinforced dynamic driver
● Over-ear design for isolation
● Imp: 42 ohms
● Multi-jointed  headband design
● Frequency response: 15Hz-20kHz
Weight: 397g
● Dimensions (mm) 210 x140 x120

Price: £209.00 (Amazon.co.uk)