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Drop Connected Kitchen Scales review

These scales could turn you into an avid master baker

Drop Scale 3
Drop Scale 3

A lot of us have got into baking over the past few years, thanks to television programmes such as the Great British Bake Off, but not all of us are as proficient as the contestants as they try to whip up a Victoria sponge without a soggy bottom.

The Drop Connected Kitchen Scales aim to help bakers improve their skills with a device that connects with an app to ensure perfect results every time.

The scales are covered in kitchen-friendly, heat-resistant silicone. The wireless scale can weigh in ounces or grams; from a fraction of a teaspoon to 6 kilograms (just over 13lbs). A touch button on the front allows you to interact with the app without ever tapping your iPad with floury fingers.

It comes with the Drop Kitchen app. This includes hundreds of tasty recipes, photographs, helpful videos and handy tips to ensure great results every time you fire up the oven. Follow easy step-by-step tried and tested recipes, and access clever features such as Recipe Rescaling.

To get started, open the app on your iPad and turn on your scale to link to it wirelessly. It comes with hundreds of tried and tested recipes in the app, together with photographs, videos and handy tips. Once a recipe is chosen, just click on “Start Recipe!” to get going. Drop can rescale recipes depending on how many servings you need or if you run low on an ingredient and will refresh the recipe straight away, so you don’t have to nip out to the shops halfway through a baking session.

The app also offers workarounds so if an ingredient is missing, the all will suggest suitable substitutes so you can continue baking and avoid a last-minute trip to the supermarket.

The Drop scales are compatible with the iPad 3 and higher and all versions of the iPad Air and iPad Mini as well as the iPhone. Android versions are said to be in the offing but at the time of writing, these are not available.

Overall, the scales have great easy-to-follow recipes and good step-by-step instructions. However, there are no readouts on the scale meaning you have to rely on your phone or tablet while baking. Also, the scales are quiteexpensive as well coming in at nearly £79.99.

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