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Leitz Complete Professional Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

It said it is professional, but is it up to the job of playing music?

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Wireless speakers seem to come out almost every week. This latest one from Leitz bills itself as a “professional” speaker, so we are expecting a high-quality sound for the near £150 you will have to splash out on to get.

The Leitz Complete Professional Bluetooth Stereo Speaker claims to give crystal-clear sound wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device-from your smartphone and MP3 player to your laptop or tablet.

The device is a small 24.2 x 12.9 x 14.2 cm box and weighs 2.1kg. It sports a stylish table top design finished in high-gloss optics. Volume controls are positioned on the top with adjustable bass and treble controls on the back.  Our first thought, however, were that it looked like those classic tube radios of yesteryear. While the black frame is made of black plastic in a piano lacquer finish, the cover of the actual speaker is made of metal. All in all, the device provides a very high-quality impression.

The device comes with an AC adaptor which you will need as there is no battery in this device.

Located centrally on the front there is a large on/off switch that also starts the Bluetooth pairing. The device is easy to pair with. We had no problem connecting it with an iPhone and Samsung tablet. The connection type is Bluetooth 2.0 and later so most Bluetooth enabled devices should work with the speakers.

On the back, we find the power connector and the button for the light and the audio input and output – the audio signal can be looped through. Also on the back there are two rotary controls for bass and treble, but unfortunately not marked with a zero position.

Playback of music is good quality. It boasts a down-firing subwoofer and a passive radiator. As it needs AC power, the output is sizableIt is surprising how powerful this little speaker is. While heavy, it needs to be as the volume is very high on this speaker and the drum and beats don’t vibrate the speaker.

For nearly £150 the Leitz is a solid device and fits nicely with most homes. If you are looking for high-quality at a more reasonable price, this will not disappoint.

The Leitz Professional Bluetooth Speaker is available at Amazon for £149.79