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Leef’s tiny USB stick packs in 64GB

LEEFSUPRA float.jpg
LEEFSUPRA float.jpg

Leef has launched Leef Supra 3.0, one of the world’s smallest USB 3.0 flash drives.

The firm said the device is an ideal solution for gadget fans looking for a sleek, simple and speedy memory device.

According to the comap;ny, this device tackles an inconvenience that has long been disregarded by product designers: the awkward protrusion of a USB flash drive from a laptop or PC. All too often, USB drives get knocked and damaged during day to day use. Coming in at the size of a ten pence piece, the compact Supra 3.0 consigns this complaint to the past.

Leef’s expert team has created a product slim enough to leave in any USB port for extended periods of time with complete peace of mind. With Supra 3.0 connected, a laptop will still fit comfortably into its carry bag, ideal for on-the-go professionals and students.

Additionally, the device can safely host an entire music library, perfect for use in car stereos and other such audio devices with USB compatibility. Simply plug in Supra 3.0 and crank up the volume!

The device features Leef’s PrimeGrade Memory which is both waterproof and shock resistant, protecting Supra 3.0 from life’s little disasters.

Supra 3.0 allows users to copy, move and share data up to 10 times faster than their old USB 2.0 drives. It also bypasses irritating playback issues and interruptions, boasting read speeds of up to 90MB per second and write speeds of up to 30MB/s.

Available in metallic silver or charcoal black, Supra 3.0 comes with a ultra-clear methacrylic resin encased LED, which emits a unique, soft glow whenever the device is connected.

“Supra 3.0 represents the best in Leef design,” said Axle Looslie, product designer at Leef. “In designing Supra 3.0, we took special care to perfect the design details that other companies repeatedly overlook, like developing black anodized USB connectors instead of settling for the traditional ugly chrome.”

Supra 3.0 is Leef’s third product to launch in the UK in the last three months, joining Leef Access micro SD card reader and Android compatible flash drive, Leef Bridge 3.0. All are available to buy from www.amazon.co.uk. Supra 3.0’s suggested retail pricing is 16GB (£16.99), 32GB (£29.99) and 64GB (£59.99).