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Creative Hitz WP380 headphones review

Creative Hitz WP380
Creative Hitz WP380

If you are looking for lightweight but solid set of headphones, then the Creative Hitz WP380 headphones could be worthy of consideration. The added bonus is that it allows bother wired and wireless connectivity.

The cans themselves are, looks-wise, more basic than fashionable. But don’t let that sway you. There is more to them than meets the eyes. These phones allow you to use a traditional wire to listen to your music from a variety of sources. It also allows Bluetooth pairing for music playback devices that offer this sort of connectivity. This is also great if you want to walk around the house listening through Bluetooth, but need wires for when you are on a plane.

For the price of just under £90, you get a set of headphones that rival more expensive rivals. Perhaps not quite Audio Technica but pretty close.

Vocals are very clear and there is a lot of detail in this range on the Creative Hitz WP380 headphones. Bass can be a bit too pronounced but doesn’t overpower or start to muddy, which can affect other headphones nowadays. The headset has dynamic 34mm Neodymium drivers to deliver good quality audio.

The Creative Hitz WP380 headphones are on-ear, not over the ear, so can suffer some sound leakage, although to be fair you have to have the volume pretty pumped up to notice anything coming out.

Wired and wireless connectivity – Creative Hitz WP380

As said before, these offer both wired and wireless connectivity. Wired is straightforward, just plug in and listen.The cabling is constructed so tangles are few and far between. Helpful if you also have that problem.

Wireless works by paring the phones with a device. For Android and Windows Phone with NFC, tapping the two together should make for a quick connection and away you go.  For iPhone and iPad users, Bluetooth paring is done by the more traditional route. The phones use high definition aptX and AAC audio codecs plus FastStream technology for lag-free audio.

Another feature of the Creative Hitz WP380 headphones is ShareMe. This allows two listeners of ShareMe-enabled Creative wireless headsets to easily link the two headsets wirelessly to a single smart device, and share their audio content simultaneously. This is ideal for simultaneous listening to music, an audio book, a podcast, or for watching a movie together during a long commute.

Overall, this is a versatile set of headphones with great sound quality. Amazon has a pair for just under £60.