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Fanny Wang 1000 Series On-Ear Wangs Luxury Headphones review

1000 series grn
1000 series grn

On ear headphones seem to be the preserve of the hipster who wants everyone in the train carriage to notice them listening to the latest uber-cool track. Of course the headphones need to look right as well.

The Fanny Wang 1000 on-ear headphones may have an odd name but the styling is cool enough for anyone to wear.

These particular headphones are on the “budget” of the firm’s product line. But that is relative; you still have to drop a three-figure amount of money to own a set.

The cans look great, coming ina multitude of colours to suit every taste. The iconic Wang design features a svelte, classy yet modern headband, duo-fold structure with sturdy aluminium hinges, a removable cord, and ear cups that combine supreme functionality with comfort.  If you like Apple products for their design, you will love these headphones.

We wore these headphones for an extended period of time and it hasn’t been uncomfortable at all. The ear cushions are very comfortable, and the sound isolation is just right. The swoosh-looking design stands out. Not only that, they fold into a compact size, excellent for storing and travel.

The premium headphones features high performance, titanium-plated, matched 40mm drivers and are tuned to deliver natural, thumping bass with crystal clear mids and highs.

What really sets these apart is their audio splitter built in to the headphone cable. This allows you to share your music with a friend without any loss of clarity. The cord is also detachable.

Overall, while a lot of people tend to go for Beats by Dr. Dre, those phones are quite bass heavy. Fanny Wangs focus on clarity along all ranges.  The bass is crisp and clear and not at all overwhelming like we’ve experience with Beats headphones.

We think they put all other headphones to shame. They are clear with a perfect amount of bass. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

These are available from Amazon for around £125.