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Zwilling Pro knives gets you cutting like a masterchef

Zwilling Pro1 scaled
Zwilling Pro1 scaled

Zwilling J.A. Henckels has a new range of knives that will suit the amateur and professional alike.

ZwillingPro knives have been thoughtfully designed to feel like an extension of the arm. Once picked up, a Pro knife reveals ergonomic perfection as its gently rounded handle intuitively guides the user’s hand into the professional style ‘pinch grip’.

The seamless transition from handle to blade is achieved by curving the two elements into each other, not only does this look beautiful in form but it also prevents any disruption during the cutting process.

ThePro series features Zwilling J.A. Henckels’ signature blades with the added extra detail of a pronounced curvature at the tip to aid professional ‘rocking chopping’.

A consistent yet innovative combination of tradition and cutting-edge technology is demonstrated by the ice-hardened blade and classically carved bolster.  Knives in the Pro series feature a FRIODUR blade meaning the steel has been frozen to -70°C in an ‘ice-hardening’ process. This results in exceptional hardness, high elasticity and very high corrosion resistance of the blade.

Beyond the blade, the handle of a Zwilling Pro knife is precision formed from non-slip, ergonomic synthetic material and flawlessly bonded to the bolster for excellent hygiene.

The Zwilling Pro series comprises a total of 17 different knife types, from cooking knives to Santoku knives. Five knife sets and four knife blocks complete the range.

The knives will be available online at shop-uk.zwilling.com or in store at Steamer Trading (www.steamer.co.uk