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Iphone up a bottle opener

615 x 600 black tcm12 164500
615 x 600 black tcm12 164500

If you think your iPhone is lacking the ability to open bottles of beer, you prayers have been answered.The BeAHeadCase.com bottle and can opener iPhone case and accompanying app are the ideal companions to this summer’s national Jubilee, Olympic and Euro 2012 celebrations. The high-quality, durable ABS plastic rubber-coated case, suitable for both the Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPhone 4S, is equipped with a stainless steel bottle opener and a sturdy can tab for opening drinks. The accompanying free-to-download app records and maps every time a drink is opened and plays a selection of customisable sounds and alerts.

Launched by Avanquest Software Publishing at The Gadget Show Live in April 2012, the BeAHeadCase.com case is available in Union flag, St George flag, black or purple designs. It provides an ultra-thin and stylish solution for iPhone protection, complete with integrated stainless steel bottle opener. It features minimal wall thickness for comfort and ease-of-use and an outer slip-resistant rubber casing. Tight-fitting and moisture-proof, the case also provides shock absorption, impact and scratch protection thanks to the chamfered front edge. Charging, dock connection and button operation can still take place without removing the case for maximum user-convenience.

The BeAHeadCase.com app works in conjunction with the unique protective case to store and record where cans and bottles have been opened. The app facilitates social networking connectivity, meaning that users can log and share drink consumption or check in on Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare, showing friends where they are partying. When a drink is opened, a picture can be displayed and a number of different sounds as selected by the user, or personally recorded sounds, can be played.

Features of the BeAHeadCase iphone cover and app include:

·         Durable hard shell – the tough ABS plastic case is moisture-proof and tough, protecting the iPhone from wear and damage.

·         Raised front case edge – this protects the iphone screen from scratches when placed face-down on surfaces.

·         Easy to fit and remove – despite being secure and sturdy, the iPhone case is quick and simple to fit and remove.

·         Bottle top counter – record the number of drinks opened in an evening and keep track of consumption using the app.

·         Mapping – the app records where drinks have been consumed and can display where bottles have been opened.

·         Social Networking connectivity – the app facilitates posting on Twitter when bottles are opened and allow checking in on Facebook and FourSquare.

·         Sounds and pictures – the app can play pre-recorded or custom sounds when a drink is opened and displays, or can take, a picture.

The HeadCase iPhone cover and accompanying app is being distributed in the UK by Avanquest Software Publishing.