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Apple seeks iPhone security guard

iphone 4 white
iphone 4 white
iphone-4-whiteIt’s only been a few days since an Apple employee managed to lose a new iPhone in a bar, which  many believed was more of a publicity stunt than an an oversight, but the Cupertino firm could finally be admitting that  it is a bit careless an needs a new “head of security for new products” .

From the job description it is quite clear that the main objective of the new employee is to prevent cases of  iPhone forgetfulness reoccurring. The successful candidate “will be responsible for overseeing the protection and manage the risks of unreleased Apple products and related intellectual property. “

This job offer comes just days after Apple lost a prototype of the iPhone 5 in San Francisco and not the first time it has happened: Last year, a company engineer forgot a prototype of the iPhone 4 a bar, and all the secrets of the new Apple smartphone surfaced on Gizmodo.

Apple makes it quite clear in the description of the job not looking for anyone, and it is a serious position and responsibilities : they want someone with at least five years experience in the field of security, advanced studies risk management and deep knowledge of international safety standards. Perhaps the era of iPhones in bars is finally at an end.