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MWC: Cases fall out of the Otterbox

otterbox samsung galaxy tablet case stand
otterbox samsung galaxy tablet case stand

otterbox_samsung_galaxy_tablet_case_standAbsolute Gadget stopped by to see Otterbox on its Spanish travels and we were glad we did. The company had a number of new cases to show off, including a nifty cover for the Samsung Galaxy tablet PC that does double duty.

Not only does the case have a built in screen protector to keep that all important touchscreen surface looking pristine, but the rigid faceplate that fits over the top for transport can also be used as a stand when it’s snapped off.


Otterbox also showed off an iPhone case that fits in its Reflex range. To stop case rage (a serious problem in the AG household), it breaks apart for easy docking.


However, this being a Reflex case it also has crumple zones at the corners. If it gets dropped on those, they act to keep the force of the shock away from your phone


Or at least they will when the cases are available in March, for iPhone 4 and BlackBerry.