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Apple iPhone 5 to get FM radio

iphone 4 white
iphone 4 white

iphone-4-whiteThe next version of Apple’s smartphone could be able to pick up radio broadcasts, patent filings reveal.

Apple has filed a patent radio mapping for iPhone 5, this would allow the smartphone to access AM and FM frequencies as well as satellite radio in the future. The feature has been rumoured to feature in the top right hand corner of the handset.

The mapping feature will allow users to find and select stations with the closest or strongest signals.

The patent add to the rumours that the new iPhone will make an appearance around June 2011. Among other patents Apple has filed is one for a radial menu system that will update the current user interface with menus that are reminiscent of the early iPods and their click wheel interface. The radical new interface could appear on the iPod Touch and iPad as well.

More on those patents can be found here.